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AlgiersMethods of removing burrs from hardware stamping parts

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Hardware stamping parts in the production and manufacturing process, due to the deformation of metal materials and friction in the stamping process, often produce burrs. Removing hardware stamping burrs is a key step to improve product quality and aesthetics. 

Methods of removing burrs from hardware stamping parts

Here are some common ways to remove burrs:

1. Sanding:

Use sandpaper of different thicknesses to sand the burr by hand, or use a sanding machine to sand. For larger stamped hardware, a handheld grinder can be used; for parts that require higher precision, a more detailed sandpaper or grinder is needed.

2. Polishing:

Polishing is on the basis of sanding, using polishing wheels and polishing paste to further remove surface microscopic unevenness and burrs, so as to make the surface of hardware stamping parts smoother. Polishing is divided into manual polishing and machine polishing, machine polishing is more efficient and more uniform.

3. Acid washing:

Acid washing is to dissolve the burrs and other impurities on the metal surface through chemical reaction. The hardware stamping parts are immersed in the acid solution for a certain period of time, then washed and dried. This method is suitable for removing a large number of burrs, but it may have a certain effect on the surface of the material, and you need to choose a suitable pickling solution according to the material and product requirements.

4. Heat treatment:

Heat treatment can reduce the generation of burrs by changing the internal structure of hardware stamping parts. For example, the hardness of the metal can be reduced by annealing treatment, so that it can reduce the formation of burrs in the stamping process.

5. Lubrication:

The use of lubricants in the stamping process can reduce the friction between the metals, thus reducing burr generation. Choosing the right lubricant plays an important role in improving product quality, prolonging the life of the mold and increasing productivity.

6. Improve design and process:

Reduce burr generation from the source, such as optimizing the design of stamping dies, selecting suitable materials and stamping processes. For example, the use of progressive molds can gradually guide the deformation of the material to reduce burrs.

In the process of removing burrs from hardware stamping parts, it is necessary to choose the appropriate method according to the specific requirements of the product and pay attention to the standardization of the operation to ensure that it will not cause secondary damage to the product. At the same time, we should pay attention to environmental protection and occupational health and safety, and take effective measures to reduce the use and emission of harmful substances.